Total Cleanse!

4 May


100% Bliss


So I decided that as Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP, NNCP) I would try a proper 7 day Juice Cleanse, to feel and understand the outcome.  I want to share my experience with my audience, so I will be blogging for the next 7 days all about my experience. I turned to my friends at Total Cleanse Pretty amazing concept if you ask me, and they say it best “We Juice, you cleanse” The entire processes is simple, you place your order and the juice is at your door!!! Total Cleanse ships Canada wide.


Here is my hypothesis of juice cleansing: One shall juice and feel


  • Increased Energy
  • Light
  • Elimination of bloating and gas
  • Glowing Skin
  • Boosted Immune System
  • Amazing transit time and well-formed stools
  • Weight Loss



Day 1:  Thursday April 3


I was super eager and excited to being this cleanse. I woke up to have bags full of juice at my door.   My day was going to be a series of 6 juices including, 4 Green Energy juice, 1 Cashew Milk and 1 Lemonade, this was for the purify cleanse. I realize now that I


The taste:


The Green Juice: Perfect texture, no floating pieces, very palatable and not bitter and over bearing.


Lemonade: This was smooth and delicious with a hint of sweet and a nice kick of spicy.


Cashew Milk:  Very smooth, mild cashew taste and an excellent way to end the day!


How I felt, the first green juice of the day totally awoken my entire body, I felt energized and alive almost instantly.  My mood and feelings were all stable. I noticed a mild headache kick in mid morning that sort of lingered the rest of the day.  I continued to look forward to each drink, which I had on a 2-3 hour interval. I breezed through an intense one hour weight training session, feeling energized and strong.  I was surprised that I was not craving food or moody. I did drool a bit as I was preparing dinner for the bf.  I then headed out to a baseball practice and again had enough energy and strength to get through a 1.5 hour practice.  I was not tired or exhausted by the end of the night and I was totally satisfied.  I noticed that my stomach had flattened out and that I had no sing of bloating and no gas. I did find myself urinating more frequently then usually but that’s obviously due to a liquid diet, so no alarms there. My headache dissipated by the time I was ready to sleep.  I slept like a bear in hibernation, better then I have slept in a while, I woke up feeling rested and energized.  No signs of fatigue and eager to get on with day number 2!



Day 2:


Gooooooooooood morning to the world!  I’m by no means a morning person, but today, I feel so alive and ready to conquer the world! I think I could get used to just juicing!   Today my juicing sequence is a bit different as today I switch onto 3 green juices 2 lemonades and a berry drink.  I started my day today with a green juice, followed by the most epic bowel movement. For those who are shy about poo, maybe skip this next paragraph! I’m usually very regular when it comes to my bowel movements, but today was extraordinary! My bowel movement was perfect! I had a perfectly “S” shaped poo, the type everyone wants to see in the toilet, this type of poo is ultimate and what we strive for at each movement!   My headache is totally gone, I’m not feeling hungry, agitated or grumpy!!! Juice to the world!  I look forward to my new berry addition.


Check back later today for juice updates.  Check out Total Cleanse and get on your juicing!



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